ziggy stardust

by Rachel Lynch in , , ,

stardust7stardust14stardust12stardust30stardust24stardust22stardust21stardust34stardust31stardust28stardust27stardust18stardust8stardust6stardust20stardust9stardust32stardust23stardust19stardust25stardust15stardust16stardust10stardust5stardust2stardust33stardust26stardust17stardust11stardust13david1stardust3stadust29stardust4Where were the spiders? Little mars girl in the dance hall. Hearts beating loud as thunder, strung out in outer space. Making out with the man who sold the world. She's got the Bowie blues behind heart-shaped eyes. Sucked up into her mind. Girls who think they're boys who think they're girls. Ziggy played guitar on mars and they danced the night away.

And the rest is rust and stardust.

x x

bodysuit + white shag jacket by Nasty Gal

platforms by YRU 

photos by Jen Senn

make up by Briana Hurly