you've been living on the fault line,

by Rachel Lynch in

They say the body does what the mind wills, the teenage dreamers go where their heads lead them. Brazen disregard for any sort of system or structure, our world is changing faster than we had planned for. Advancement has moved out of the control of human hands and into the empty soul of the almighty dollar. We let ourselves become ruled by the currency; And experience is only available to the wealthy and able. If we have to hand in a dollar for a moment, then is it really even experience? The American Jet Stream carries me from coast to coast. Seeing shares of empty faces on the flight makes me want to throw my plastic orange juice glass to the sky.  I know I've got someone who loves me everywhere I land. We love each-other freely and willing, not because some green bill says we can do so.

photos by: Teddy Meyer