youth angst and an american vice

by Rachel Lynch in

America and all that's egocentric. Living under the wire, skating by and creating culture. It's hard to ignore what's going on in the world. Libya is in chaos and we're apparently at war. Japan has been destroyed and the BCC insists we'll soon face a world revolution.

We'll play red, white and blue for awhile, highlighting American culture with our boards and bad attitudes. We're the youth of a nation, rolling in the deep with a fuck-you mindset. I think our president sucks, but I guess it doesn't fly for me to vocalize that on the day by day. I think street art is an important part of self-expression, but it can't move the world in the way a helping hand could.

Yeah, I'm angry too... But no one got anywhere sitting at home on the couch, feeling sorry for themselves.

Billabong skate x American Apparel