you're the boss applesauce

by Rachel Lynch in

"But the coolest thing is it to capture someone's soul or spirit or something or an energy. For me that is the most intresting moment. Every day we feel different: Sometime's we're happy; sometime's we're sad. But to photograph someone as they are is my favorite"

I've always liked film; I like the way it feels and I like the waiting. It becomes obsessive-compulsive - you shoot and you look, you shoot and you look.  I like the idea of not knowing what you're getting, because accidents are very important.

These photographs were taken with a simple point and shoot film camera by Michael Sloane. These images were the wrap up of our entire shoot but with this simple camera, we created the most firey emotion that connects every shot.

Speak biker brawl with refreshing eloquence, I want to spend tonight dangling my feet from a window frame.  Brittle fingers and thin cigarettes, She's the girl of your nightmares that's pushing all the boundaries; I'm not saying its intentional and I'm not saying its happenstance. I like to work in front of a camera, I like to turn on my lucid energy. You're the boss and as unpredictable as an eight-ball.