you're so addicted

by Rachel Lynch in

'i like that though, she looks kind of trashy - kind of dangerous... the kind of girl you'd get a pack of cigarettes with, then wake up one day and realize you've been shooting dope in mexico for God knows how long'

Wednesday night, I was picked up by Chrystyne and her friend Ken. Chrystyne is a model/artist/photographer and Ken has been working in the photo world for 20+ years. Together they’ve got this vibe and I picked it up the second I saw them that night. We shot around the downtown south loop, swirling around the sides of buildings and wandering down dark smokey alleyways. They shot together, both with an eccentric style and penchant for moving more-so that I did. Both bombarded with endless requests for shoots, I felt honored to work and learn from them. I’ve been playing with this idea of being a product of my experiences. I’m part of the books I’ve read and the manifestations of my artistic outlets. This night, I felt able to express myself in validity and not have to strike a pose. Ken knew much about literature and philosophy so we we’re able to toss some ideas back and forth, mostly resulting in me listening and learning.

I can raise all the hell I want but at the end of the day, sometimes it nice to just observe and learn; its as Socrates said, “As for me, All I know is I know nothing”.

"You fear the world too much, she answered gently".