you're not in my dreams girl, you're not my reality girl

by Rachel Lynch in

I've got the urge to make some waves and play around in some enchanted alleys. These were taken when I randomly decided to take off my baby blue shorts in the middle of the city street and strut around in my white leotard. Yes, I was a tad bit under the influence and stole of a bag of sequins to throw in my hair but...Who needs pants anyway, right?


Credit : Marc Mez

Some of my recent days have been equivalent to your oldest and wildest pair of sneakers, the kind that seem to transcend every trend that pass through your wardrobe, getting better with age.

I've been with the exceptional, the notorious, the addicted and everything in between. My last nights strolling through hollywood after night had fallen, haggard as hell, I remember his word's streaming through my ears.. How many of you people know you're alive?