you're my best kept secret

by Rachel Lynch in

Sitting in your room, admiring your diploma, won't get you anywhere. She was a girl of the world. And what she learned, she learned on the road, in the airports, through her travels. The little knowledge she did acquire was through the strangers, photographers, department-store clerks, they had lived in the world and were happy to pass along their second-hand knowledge. She collected all that she could, and in a way, she liked to believe she was a tiny combination of them all. She was every girl in the world, she was all of their problems, likes, dislikes and desires. Sometimes she looked in the mirror and didn't really see anyone specific, because she was not someone in particular. She had sold her soul a long time ago to the placebo effect of fame and photographs. Perhaps each photo had taken something from her, until there was no "her" left. What remains are the beautiful people she meets along the way, they build her up into the new woman she is becoming.