your heart is a rhythm

by Rachel Lynch in , ,

IMG_1813 copy IMG_1791 copy IMG_1795 copy IMG_1787 copy IMG_1803 copyyour heart is a rhythm. smiling and dancing to the rhythm, you go about life. you go about it with an intense love. a love so real you cannot help but give it to everyone you meet. and you're not just in love with the people you encounter. you're in love with the world itself. every street corner, every tagged wall, every shop and chained fence. you get off the subway and step out into the new york city night. it never gets old. the street lights, the people speeding, the lovers parting, the breathing. it's all inside you. the lights, the moon, the moving cars, you feel it in your innermost being, your heart. sometimes, it leaves you breathless. you are overwhelmed and grateful. it is all so much a part of you that you cannot even bear the blinking thought of parting from it.

ombre chiffon long high-low dress by Jordan Taylor

pink sunnies by Karen Walker

pink shoes by Jeffrey Campbell X Human Aliens

photos by Jaglever