you give me delight, sunshine, heartache, pain and bliss

by Rachel Lynch in

You, Lola, walk from slumber in my bed to fire on the sidewalks. How am i suppose to catch you when you've got no home? I try to keep you here, I try to protect you. You, Lola, can have all my material possessions, you can tell me where to put the moon and live in my house, but please don't tease me with your fire. Please don't look at me with your eyes. Oh no, please don't show me those blazing blue eyes, I once so desperately loved.

your love is a hurricane, your love is the stronger then the rays of an eternal connection. you set my body up in flames. My heart-shaped shades of infidelity are not dark enough to keep your fire from my blazing through me. I pray tomorrow you will hear what I have to say. I can lead you to the water but I cannot make you drink.

The wonders of a lens and a dark-shift in character, the combination whispers at a sense of reality.

I want to be next to you, black and gold.