you can't pray away the gay,

by Rachel Lynch in

I'm Catholic. I was raised Catholic. I went to Catholic school for 12 years so I can quote the bible at you like a motherfucker. There are numerous things in my faith that I don't understand, but I don't question. (Mostly for my sanity's sake...) But one thing I will never even BEGIN to contemplate is the disapproval of gay people.  Seriously, I will understand Non-Euclidian geometry before I understand the homophobic policies of the  Roman Catholic Church. And I'm sure if I or one of my siblings came out as gay, my dad would come storming in waving incense with a priest, ready to do an exorcism.

Anyways, the reason that I'm writing this is that one of my favorite writers from where I work published a seriously beautiful article this week about this topic and  I think you all should read it. Here.

This is a quote from the article, "Homophobes aren't going to hell, like they often say their perceived opponents are. Rather they are in hell, and they prolong their stay with each hateful act, word, and thought. They can leave whenever they want."

I wish republicans would just catch up to New York and calm down off their "It's so great to be straight horse."  And all those terrible people who are like, "Well, If they just tried having sex with the opposite sex, it would set them straight." Hell no it wouldn't. Gay people have AMAAAZING sex with their partners, just like you and your hott Alaskan, Sarah Palin-eqsue wife.  And making them feel bad about it with "Catholic Guilt"... that shit is uncalled for. Gay people don't have to worry that God is going to hit them with a lightning-bolt mid-orgasm anymore that unmarried straight couples do. If I was gay, I wouldn't want to worry about Jesus and his boisterous band of unicorns coming to attack me. Seriously, republicans/conservatives/FOX news enthusiasts/closed-minded fucks/virgins on the verge of suicide... just know that you can't pray away the gay.