you can share my dreamland,

by Rachel Lynch in

As I sit here, hiding in the corner of a coffee shop in the gold coast, listening to nicki minaj and looking at pictures of ponies instead of studying, I am deeply saddened. I finally decided to take a break from my dreamland of styling and sketching to give the bio book a try... I look over the study guide and see that it covers 20 chapters.

No, I'm not sad that I have to learn 20 chapters of information.. (bitch can put in work), but what does sadden me is that we spent only two months covering all this information. We barely got to go into depth with ANYTHING! We browsed through and gave everything from the origin of species to global climate change a surface job. Sure, I can define all these terms, but we never go into what they really mean. 

It's sad, but this is American University life for you. Everyone just doing the bare minimal.. even the educators. The same is true for all my other classes, just a rim job. (Except for South African history.. that man can PREACH!) And I actually learned a fuck-ton in his class, got involved, can name every country in Africa & its capital and actually feel like I did something/can do something. It's sad that the greater whole isn't like this, I'd like a more engaging education.. but you can only put so much into it. If your educator is lazy as shit, you're not going to want to do much on your end. And thus, the cycle is created and countited.  blonde sigh.