you are beautiful, you are bad

by Rachel Lynch in

Girls, you need to go out and dress #######SEXY  once and a while. Seriously, I'm being serious. It's good for you. Doctors should probably prescribe playing dress up instead of anti-depressents... but i'm not a professional. (Yet...)

The trick!? Dress-up for YOU, not for boys. Whether you dress up like yous in the white girl mob or wear gym clothes daily, you need to take some extra time in front of the mirror once and a while to #getyourshittogether. When you decided to go out in your foxiest mini dress, biggest fur and highest heels, do it for you. Don't ask yourself if "whats-his-fucking-name" would think you look hott or not. Dress up in what makes you feel good and beautiful. Draw a little extra attention to yourself once and while and and turn a few heads that you wouldn't normally. And don't worry about other girls calling you a #SLUT. They're usually just mad because they can't afford your shoes, and don't look European. If you're like me, you know how to fight... (I never hesitate to bring the h00d out on a bitch.) Besides, they are the ones who are sluts if they're checking you out like that.