without hope, we live on in desire

by Rachel Lynch in

And I'll take you down in the name of love..

Sitting in class with my chunky cream sweater falling off my right shoulder, I feel a sense of oneness with myself. Last night I got stoned and this morning I woke up feeling the high. I don’t know why I keep getting high to finish my numerous art projects but I love soaring up to the tenth floor of the Art and Design building. Being here, I know, in the scheme of capitalism and all, I’m not progressing. I used to be so set on finding a future. Now, I’m moving to this place where I can learn to live my life in the now. I’m so in the moment it’s hard to see anything without a hazy glow. Playing in between the lines of an immediate reality and the following day, I don’t need to satisfy the requirements of any future plan.

"But it's not taking the place of life, It's providing me with life itself"