winter wonderland

by Rachel Lynch in

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We awoke from a meditative sleep to find ourselves in the madness of the world. Lost in the reverie that is the daydream of somewhere else, we never want to leave. Yet, it was Christmas morning, and the others were waking us. We struggled to find meaning in the day, the colors, the gifts, the decorations. Perhaps Christmas had lost it's meaning as we aged, there wasn't the excitement to spring from our beds and run downstairs. We were much more excited to see what was inside our minds. From the awakened state, to the dreamlike dance, we were at peace for what this day meant for our faith. For us, it wasn't about the green, the red and the gifts, it was about something much more beautiful. Today is the day the Father of all creation came to the world, and for that, we were prepared to celebrate in full joy.

adieu top by Morning Warrior 

leggings by Tripp NYC 

hat by Nastygal

shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Jaglever