by Rachel Lynch in

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Wilma + Winston tucked away inside a house in the suburbs. Suburban life. You must create your own fun. They say you create your own reality. If that's so, I'm creating mine out of 6 inch platforms, snowman rice krispies, cats, floating hamburgers and nachos.

Your Mom worked hard to create a happy home but you fucked it up out of boredom. That's ok. Get her a matching holiday sweater and call a truce. I wish you were weird.

bone me tee by Wilma + Winston 

Hamburger Jumper by Wilma  + Winston 

Cat Sweatshirt by Wilma + Winston

Logo Beanie by Wilma +   Winston

Lego Ring by Wilma + Winston 

Human Alien Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell X Human Aliens

Shit hat by UNIF

photos by Shooka