white bungalow

by Rachel Lynch in

"She had some kind of spark," he recalled. "It wasn't about the pose or the clothing, it was about the blue in her eyes. I tried to keep her a secret from the world but she was beginning to show up everywhere. People started to take notice of her."

Don't need a reason to do the things that I do. A whisp of a girl in a see-through tee and a fur coat. At nineteen, I've had a handful of love affairs. Keeping secrets from the news, bite your lip as you see my middle finger in the air. Next month my coffee table book, "Hotel Milk" drops. Best believe its vulgar and rude. All of you keep talking as I make moves. I don't care if I offend you on my way.

I don't live to break the rules, I just wanna make you drool.

location: The Chelsea Hotel, New York