Wherever you go, you will always find your fellow Olsen Twin...

by Rachel Lynch in

Today started at 8 A.M. (MY GOD!) I learned that the sun does shin during such unGodly hours. (Although, not out of my ass, unfortunately. ) False lashes, a neon michael kors dress, jeffery campbell leather lace up boots and I was out the door.

Everything was going great until around 1 P.M. when my professor let us out on a lunch break. My first response? Wait... people eat lunch? What am I suppose to do with a whole hour. Chain smoke? (No, I want to go to the gym later.) Get a latte? (No, I had one for breakfast.) Sigh, call dad? tweet?

Luckily, my boredom came to an end when I walked to the nearest starfucks with a classmate. The only other girl in my class that had sunglasses and  a bag bigger than herself. Fellow mary-kate worshiper, we bonded over the fact that the majority of our class ACTUALLY wore their pajamas out of the house today. Like, this isn't even about fashion, this is just a matter of pure laziness. Seriously, take 5 minutes in the morning and put on a pair of jeans. #thanksbitch

Off to the gym, I need to process this day and listen to teenage dream on repeat pretending that Katy is not divorcing one of the hottest men on our beautiful planet earth.