what's it feel like to be a ghost?

by Rachel Lynch in , ,

ghostIMG_8832 copy dress6dress5 dress44

I'll wait for you in a sadness that swallows me whole. You left in a metallic swirl, and now I'm left here like a corpse, visible clavicle and all.  I'd drive all night for your embrace, but LA is too big and I'm far too small to conquer it without you. You look so beautiful, all undone in my bed. Liar in your oversized teeshirts, crying on the floor. Little stoner boy, little skater girl, who were finally able  to be something more when they were alone together. But everything, like December, must die.

grey dress by This Is a Love Song 

summer sweater by This Is a Love Song

black single eye ring by Regal Rose

white helga boots by Deandri

photography by Kiara Jade