"What really compels me is the very palpable risk of failure"

by Rachel Lynch in

A quote from one of my favorite painters, Jacqueline Humphries. She did a series of inticate works that depicted Hurricane Katrina in abstract form. I’ve come to admire Humphrie for her depiction of the real. She makes entertainment through art fresh where it is usually seen as “frivolous”.

I spent this morning at a coffe shop sketching out my new collection. I was suppose to meet with the pattern maker today but I called her yesterday and said I needed one more day to get everything right. Not that there is a “right” way to do things; In fact, I usually go about making garments the completley wrong way which always brings a smile to the experienced face. I was very manic this morning, but I finally feel like I got what I wanted on paper. I can never really draw what  I see in my head, kohl never does my mind’s images any justice. None the less, I feel good about having somthing down in my sketchbook.

Either to my advantage or disadvantage this artistic mania carried over into my 1 o’clock phone interview with a student.  She was required to interview a designer she admired for her fashion class. I may of scared her a bit, or a whole lot. At least she interview me on the phone, that way I didn’t have time to sit and make up some fake answers that had nothing to do with anything I believe in. I may have been a little too blunt and honest, but she’ll have an intresting report for her class. haha.