west village dreamin'

by Rachel Lynch in

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The West Village had always been her place of magic. In the evening, the hours seemed to stretch into lifetimes and the sun set for eternity. It filled the sky with it's pink glow, and she existed inside it's illuminated circle. She walked the cobbled brick streets and met masters of art and song. It was as if Bob Dylan still lingered inside the style of the village boys. It is the traditional Bohemia of New York. The synthesis of writers and painters. The success already achieved and the success yet to come. A few square miles in total generated a buzz of creativity that forged her artistic sensibility. She grabbed a coffee and took a seat across from a row of brownstones. She pictured her life here, filled with music, sound, colors and patterns. A life filled with love and heartbreak. A life not yet written. You see, she could believe in anything, as long as it was incredible.

black dress by Nastygal 

cat eye sunglasses by Zero UV

party rock necklace by Love + Leather

photos by Monica Baddar