west village

by Rachel Lynch in

the magic of the west village. you watch people with wild eyes. your heart wants to swoop them all into your tiny arms, the lonely boys at the bar drinking themselves to black, the girls examining themselves in the mirror, doubting the beauty the creator gave them. Some people are full, others are empty, and sometimes we are deceived by what is real and what is not. The world can be filled with magic, or it can be emptied into a bottle.

Her heart was made to give love. it was too big for her chest. Too big for the rib cage that enclosed it. As she walked the village streets well past the moon of midnight, she gave love with her eyes. She took into account the hearts of every being that passed her and sent healing creativity.

You deserve to be loved, you deserve to take up space, you are a child of the universe.

Never forget that. xo

vintage tee

stockings by american apparel

torment boots from dolls kill