we'll be fine

by Rachel Lynch in

I wrote this one with the windows open. To let in some fresh air, or maybe I was half hoping.. that'd I'd find a way to make you better in a day. But I'm here to live my life, so I'll find a way. Sometimes I don't know if you really understand, the drive I find inside your encouragement.

It's our world, it's just us two. I see pain killers on the kitchen counter, I hate to see it all hurt so bad. And maybe I wouldn't work so hard if you were healthy and not so sad. Maybe I should walk up the street, try and get a job at the bank. Cause leave it up to me and my blonde hair, we'll probably end up robbing a bank.

Then Muse and Next are buzzing my phone, got me a flight to New York in the morning. It's my time, yeah it's on. They think of signing me, I come home. You're sick but tell me to go get it. I say anything else to me ain't shit. You're number one, this modeling thing is over and done.

We find a doctor we can trust. I go to New York with intentions of blowing up, but instead, I grow up. I get to make good on my promise. I made you proud. I should have known.

I know that I'm you're first born, but it still don't explain the love that you have for me. I remember racing you down the halls of the the Central Park South Ritz and 12 dollar chocolate chip cookies. I never really had anyone else like you.

You made the world I know bigger and changed the way that I viewed it. Had all this "you're too skinny shit" going on and you'd calm me down when i'd lose it. Told you I'm done modeling, I'm more in touch with the writing. You said, either way I'd be a star, I could go so far. Talk to me and you got to me.

"I could do anything," you said that you meant that. You took me to places, you spent that, they said "no", we went back. Checks bounce, but we bounce back. I put all the money in your accounts back.

And I thank you, I don't know where I'd really be without you. It all worked out, we'll be fine.