weetize bat halloween

by Rachel Lynch in , , , ,

halloween IMG_2871 copy IMG_2872 copyIMG_2881 copyIMG_2860 copyIMG_2859 copyIMG_2868 copyIMG_2874 copyIMG_2861 copyIMG_2856 copyIMG_2883 copyIMG_2884 copybat lips and he kissed her. a kiss about the full moon. a kiss in the candlelight. a kiss about the darkness. she hung in the shadows and flew in the purple sky. it was all hallow's eve, and weetize was dancing with her bat boy. they played dress up, but didn't look any more strange than they usually do. they were an odd little match, who collected friends and silver skulls. they were going to make halloween just what they wanted to be, full of giggles, champagne, makeup and candy. throwing chocolate into the sky, they kissed and danced and kicked over pumpkins. when midnight struck they returned home, and cuddled inside their bed with glowing eyes and open hearts.

inspired by the book "weetzie bat" by francesca lia block

bats hooded billy sweater by wildfox couture 

cat sunglasses by zero uv 

bodysuit by nastygal

photos by shooka