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Trap all day, play all night. Every time I go out, you know I gotta show out. Light up platforms. Take me to your dealer. Up all night. Underground girls. Club kids that look out of this world. Black eyes. White hair. Crushing on girls who are boys and boys who are girls. Neon adventure kids. Weed don't give a fuck. And bitch, keep your chin up. Turn this music up. Leave the crib, out of your league. Dedicated to life on earth. High rider with a hell of an aim. I am what I am, you can like it or love it.

**** I hate blonde does not condone the use of any substances.*****

Weed Burning Tee by UNIF

Take Me to Your Dealer Sweatshirt by UNIF 

Pray Snapback by UNIF

Weed High 5 Muscle Tee by UNIF 

Light Up Platforms by Jeffrey Campbell