we get high in backseats of cars, we break into mobile homes

by Rachel Lynch in

I love the fact that you can persuade someone that black is white. For me, the world is an honest attraction. I’m genuinely in love with it and all its eccentricities. People doing or saying things they shouldn’t is always funny. I do a lot of both. The relationship between my mouth and brain has not fully learned the general regulations of common household manners; But then again, I wasn’t raised in a house.  I’m often saying things I shouldn’t and taking my shirt of in the middle of a shoot. I lack modesty and manners. The back of the class is where I’m from, growing up on top of the world or below it. I’m not sure which. All my projects and actions generate their own rules. I’m doing this for me and I don’t care if people are shocked by it.

I love the raw and real experiences, everything else I’m not interested in.

anything goes in a place like this