watermelon squeeze

by Rachel Lynch in

watermelon1 watermelon2 watermelon3 watermelon4 watermelon5Last week I scooped some dope Lazy Oaf pieces from Backroom! The top is a nice fit, I love that it's cropped but still has sleeves. But, my all-time favorite piece has to be these Watermelon shorts! How cool are these? I got so many compliments as I sat in AP Cafe drinking my beet juice. I haven't really seen any shorts like these before, have you? If you want to recieve 5% off your order at Backroom then simply use my promo code:


There is no minimum purchase necessary and the code is valid until August 10th! Anyways, enjoy this awesome summer day! Get wet, get wild! I'm up in the Pocono mountains, so I plan on getting out on a boat today and playing tennis. Maybe even a little nature hike at night, there are so many deer here! I'll be back in Brooklyn tomorrow night.

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watermelon shorts

nothing crop tee

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