Wash Me Free Oh, Material World

by Rachel Lynch in

You dumb hip-hop down, you dumb down people. Feed them what they want, and they'll only get hungry. You can never get satisfied on the bull-shit production line. The bible says you judge a tree by its fruit, and these bananas you produce are straight rotten. Yellow on the outside but the inside like's a coffin. I'll never be the victim of some stale intelligence, mass-media hand-me-downs. I can do my own research, intelligence is the way out.

The only thing you are you've denied. You try to clean yourself out, but it's never gonna work. I laugh when someone tells me they're going to "detox". Another product of American lifestyle gurus and alternative medicine. Detox is a meaningless concept in terms of basic human biochemistry. There is nothing on the "detox system" in a medical textbook, it's a marketing invention. Pseudoscience. But hey, when I go through days of partying, drinking, staying up all night and junk food eating, I too decided that I need to slow down and take a rest. So I have a few nights alone in the studio, reading and writing and eating green things. This isn't a detox, the media wants us to think a detox is a quick-fix or cleanse, when in reality, it's our overall lifestyle choices that really make-up our physical and mental health. It's no surprise that something like a "detox" or "master-cleanse" is making money and building hype in our western world. Here in the west, we seek redemption from our material indulgence because of the cultures and religions we came from. Almost all religions have some form of fasting or abstaining, but you wouldn't it a "master lemonade cleanse." We are the products of our consumption. We do it to ourselves.

"If you got it, you get it. If you don't then you won't."