wanderlust in nyc

by Rachel Lynch in

Black cut out dress from nastygal vintage paired with black thigh-high boots. Not ideal for a hot soho afternoon, but if you want to be a bad ass, you need to dress the part. Even though it's warm in the city, my taste buds are down for tight dark dresses, leather jackets with all the details, over-sized studded accessories, thigh-high boots and sitting in coffee shops before crowed house shows downtown.  Maroon lips, warm chocolates and a new season to break into with scarlet fever affection. My lust is in overload for words and new souls along the way. They say that new york is a cold, crowded place full of used-up legs, but I feel the heat from morning through night.

playing around soho in a vintage smiths tee dress. I can't wait to get back to new york for the end of september. I'm going to get to work with some great people and check into a swanky little joint to make a short film. every experience would not be worth a dime if it wasn't for the people i meet along the way. each story, apartment, cup of coffee is creating a wonderful world of lust and excitement inside me. bring on the dreamers.