walk the line

by Rachel Lynch in

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Walk the line. I see in colors that don't exist. I know there were days when you wanted to give in, when the sky was so clear you wished it would absorb you whole. You can't get high enough to escape. The emptiness ate your insides and you had nothing left to give. It pulled at you and tortured you because it knew how you were made for so much more. You let boys beat up your beauty in bed, but something else was howling in you, your spirit was gathering strength.

My heart was like a mirror, and it shattered. The world kept deceiving me. Sinking in my soul, everything falling all around me.  He said walk with me, so I walked. I dropped to my knees and I screamed with all my might. Come walk with me now, because I know these walls can't hear me.

beanie by Jac Vanck 

sweatshirt by the Editor's Market

shorts by  Melancie Moon

photos by Bliss Katherine