by Rachel Lynch in

It's a new year and I have a little bit of news to break to you all. Well, let's just put it this way... I don't really think I'm the girl you get a pack of cigarettes anymore.

My therapist thinks I'm ADD as fuck and bored. He thinks I need a challenge, and he's right. I've been thinking about it for a while, but I felt held back for some reason. I'm about to get all Usher #confessions on you right now, but the truth is... I'M BORED!! I'm tired of modeling, pictures of me on beds smoking cigarettes, partying, writing about love affairs and non-existent problems.  The internet has enough photos of me and it's time for me to grow up. I've done it all; traveling, cigarettes, Europe, parties, stealing, drugs and wild photoshoots. There's nothing left in it for me, I'm over it. I need a real challenge, a new hobby.  All these photos and tweets have given me a reputation of "bad girl" and slut. (When in reality, I'm tighter than your cornrows...) But anyways, It's not true and it's not who I am. Saving it for my personal diary, and  I'm done posting modeling photos of me. Although I love being in front of the camera, I  am only going to take high-paid fashion gigs and campaigns for money$$$$$.

There comes a time when a blonde's just got to be herself. So here we go, I'm inviting you on my new wild ride. I'm going to take pre-med courses and prepare for the MCAT. Come along with me as I attempt to trade my fur coat in for a white coat, wear Givenchy to organic chemistry, attempt to make scrubs stylish, ride my harley to physics, sit in therapy twice a week and blog and bitch about all my white girl problems. I'll post how to dress for science class in style and why you should or shouldn't fuck your professor (wink!).  But to be honest, being a student is my first priority right now, all other bullshit falls to a far second. So come along with me, I promise I won't fail you... Okay, maybe I will, maybe I'll TOTALLY flunk and just work at Cosmo but I pinky PROMISE to entertain you.


Rachel Lynch (DO?)

(p.s. I have Bio at 9A.M. tomorrow, I usually don't wake up till 3 hours after that.. Can we say, alarm clock and pick out your heels the night before? )