by Rachel Lynch in

Sometimes I feel like I come across as bitchy... like really bitchy, really blonde and really stupid..... UNTIL  YOU MEET ME. I'm secretly just this chill surfer chick who's going to move to Venice after she graduates. But I don't mind people judging me, I judge people too. It's one of the most ugly things about human nature. It's like people who ruin Santa Claus for you (whoops I just did...) But really, THEY SUCK. The real people are those who don't care enough to talk trash & don't care enough to judge you, because they're happy with who they are & can love whoever you are without trying to change you. They care about the here and now, the people that are in front of them.... not the people that are behind them. I'm in LA right now and sometimes I try to picture it as my home in half a year. Graduating is the most important thing right now, but afterwards... the sky's the limit.