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Look for me in the new June issue of Vice Magazine. No publication could be hotter or a better fit for Hotel Milk. And while your at it, read their damn articles. It's the "Conflict minerals are fueling the military-industrial complex and it's making us want to drink like serbs issue."

Being able to put your art up on the internet is a trip. It's public and interactive. You can't avoid people's opinions. Sometimes i wonder if everyone's opinions indirectly contribute to the content and whole that is I mean it wouldn't be anything without the 3,000+ hits per day or all the rude comments. When art is online, it's collaborative, it's culture. It is a product and response kind of environment. Your art is yours, it's your responsibility to make it interesting. I'm excited to say that I'll most likely be moving to Manhattan soon, I feel like I'll be able to do a lot more once I'm there. I'm hungry for what New York has, it's unexplainable energy. I want to sit in it's kitchen on my duff and be spoon-fed.

+ I will be looking for an intern soon to make content for and maybe assist on some photo-shoots. Applicants can live anywhere in the world with purple, green, or yellow skin and can be from dinosaur descent or the ass-hole family tree... (I don't discriminate.) If you're interested please email your resume and why you think you'd make a kick-ass team member to

(P.s. -- Make your email interesting, entertain me, offended me... or all of the above)