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Posting my Monday look on the blog is always my favorite, it sets the tone for the week. So unless you've been under a large rock, you've noticed that varsity jackets are trending. Like every trend, I found this funny at first. I remember when I was sixteen my boyfriend and I were hanging on Hollywood Blvd wandering in and out of the thrift stores there. We walked into American Vintage and found these two really cool varsity jackets (that were like kid sizes) in the basement of the place for 20 dollars each, a red one for me and a blue one for him. We totally had to have them matching (first love stuff) and decided we wanted to wear them out of the store and back to campus. When we brought them to the register, the shop owner thought we had changed the price tag on them/ were somehow stealing them? He said, "Wow these are awesome, I would never sell these for 20 dollars a pop!" We were really blown away and surprised that he actually accused us of trying to steal.

Needless to say, I have a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to my varsity jacket history. But, as the trend seems emerge more, I am warming up to it in good time.

Hell LA tee by Anchorsand

varsity jacket by Glamour Kills 

clear vapor hat by UNIF

photos by Jaglever