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As I sit here and listen to A$AP Rocky's F**kin problems and contemplate what to tell Miss KL when they asked about my "worst Valentine's Day ever," I'm beginning to believe this song relates to me more than I'm willing to admit.

Since my last Valentine's Day may have been the first good one ever, I don't mind sharing this story from two years ago. If you work in the fashion industry/have to travel a lot because of your work, you may even be able to relate to how shitty of a relationship person I am.

About two years ago, I flew home from New York Fashion Week on Valentines Day in hopes of spending it with my then boyfriend in Chicago. Not that he asked or anything, but I didn't feel the need to stay for the entirety of Fashion Week at that time anyway (fashion gets exhausting!)

So I totally thought I was being a cute girlfriend by booking my ticket home for that day and arriving just in time to celebrate a cute little V-day. Of course, my plane was delayed. So I'm just hanging out in LaGuardia for the majority of the day, drinking bad coffee and listening to 50 cent. When we finally take off its already dark out, probably around 7 o'clock.

When I get back to Chicago I rush to get a cab back to my apartment. I texted my boyfriend and he was still working, and said he might have to stay working late at the restaurant. I was super bummed, but then in the spur of the moment, thought I would be a "cute girlfriend" and show up to his work with a giant teddy bear.

So I hit the Walgreens by his work and bought a teddy bear that was bigger than me and some chocolates in a heart shaped box. I walk through the snow (mind you it is like -987513947 degrees out), and walk in the front of the restaurant asking where he is.

Apparently, it's not cool to walk into the Cheesecake Factory and bring one of their employees a larger-than-life teddybear. (Where is their holiday spirit?) One of the other workers finally finds him as I stand there looking like a total loser. He takes me outside the restaurant and basically tells me that I just got him in trouble.

He goes back into work and I take a cab home. We plan on hanging out after he gets out work, but like the sleepy kitty I usually am, my jet-lagged self fell asleep. He didn't get out of work till like 2AM anyway, but I woke up to a bunch of missed phone calls.

Can we say epic fail?

Happy Valentines Day.

UNIF creature coat from Miss KL 

UNIF fire crop top from Miss KL 

harness skirt form Gypsum

human aliens by Jeffrey Campbell