update: twenty-one

by Rachel Lynch in

Aside from decking out my apartment in glorious space/barbie/dinosaur/earth/pink related items, I suppose I should mention that I'll be turning 21 next week. I think I've finally settled on ordering my little pony decorations and throwing a get together at the Dana Hotel. My best friend from childhood will be coming in for the weekend (two blondes = trouble!) and we'll most likely spend the weekend playing dress up, wearing make-up, drinking champagne, ordering room service and hosting my wild eclectic assortment of Chicago friends.

 Ehhhh 21, I don't really know if I want to turn 21. I'm totally cool with being underage forever, it's the perfect excuse to ditch people/not go out/not drink/avoid ugly men etc, etc etc. But alas, the time has come. Hopefully on my actual birthday (which is next Sunday) my pops will be able to roll into town so we can catch a movie, go to the disney store, eat at a fancy french restaurant and just be thankful. Life thus far has been such a blessing and I don't plan on spending a milestone marker of it totally drunk. No shots, nothing crazy... just love.