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Wanna check my street cred? Go ahead, come get. All that shit that you talkin don't help you grow. My pimp, my doctor and my exorcist all suggest that we come here to wreck your shit. And don't look down, cause you're bound to fall flat. But if you do it the ground, rebound and bounce back. We never stand still. The ones you can't catch, the ones you can't kill. Thug white girl. Excuse my hood edict. Lynch is acting up again, someone tell this girl to chill. Your better half don't act right. She don't need to grow up with the same type of hard heads. Miss little blonde slap a bitch.

Girl, let me break you down like a shotgun. I wake up every morning, my mission? Fulfill the dream. I still hear it ringing in my ears when the lights out. Up to my room for cigarettes and cartoons. I'm just tryna live life cool.

Rachel Lynch for Miss KL X UNIF. And a tribute to Murs and Slug. 

bad kitty rider by UNIF

meow metal muscle tee by UNIF

snapback and cats too muscle tee by UNIF

the prayer choker by UNIF

machine shoe by Jeffrey Campbell

bitch snapback by Kiley Kouture 

photos by Shooka