by Rachel Lynch in

After spending the weekend at a Catholic University, I have been left a bit... inspired. Not only was the dining hall filled with conservitve republican student newspapers to fill my mind with, but I actually slept in the same dorm building as a nun for two nights! (Who did not appreciate my platforms, long thin black skirts, chokers, belly-tops and generally 90's grunge kate moss meets johnny depp attitude...) And to be honest, if she asked me to cover-up/ be more respectful... I just might of.

I'm not in the middle of LA or New York Fucking City, and I need to learn that not everywhere is wild sexuality on display fresh out the Zoo... there is a time and place.

There's a difference between making a statement and being obnoxious. EXAMPLE --  1.) Wearing platforms and crop tops while parading through the nuns quarters = OBNOXIOUS. 2.) Telling the rugby guys to go fuck themselves for being uncomfortable around two gay boys kissing = MAKING A STATEMENT. The second is awareness, the first is just unnecessary.

There is always room to try to change someone's views, but there's never an excuse to do it disrespectfully.

Which brings me full circle to another controversial issue, the HHS mandate. I do believe that contraception should be readily avaliable to all women. However, I'm starting to feel like it may be wrong/over-doing it, to force Catholic institutions to carry such products.

I feel like forcing a nun (who's doubling as a school nurse) to deal and give out forms of contraception is cruel and unusual punishment. It goes against everything she has dedicated her entire life to.

I do believe the women of these colleges should have access to forms of contraception that are easily accessible though. There must be a way that we can cater to both viewpoints respectfully. Women have the right to contraception yet, institutions also have the right to their beliefs. And just like they say this or that article written by such and such student does not necessarily represent the views of  this or that university, neither does attending a certain university mean you agree with them on ALL fronts, (especially regarding such intamite decision such as birth control...)

So isn't there a way we can make both sides happy?

I hope so..