under the blonde sea

by Rachel Lynch in

Adventures for breakfast. Hotwater pastels, She painted what she thought to be God on the balcony of his studio. It probably looked nothing like God. She never met anyone that could actually tell her what He looked like. The bible never contained a single description of His physical appearance. "He probably doesn't look the way I painted him", she said, rainbow pastels for clothing, eating cherries in the clouds. But then again, no one could tell her she was wrong either.

She wanted to live in ecstasy, he wanted peace. She was like a mockingbird, the way she sang in french upon the balcony overlooking the city. As she watched the taxi cabs and the people, she had the sinking feeling of being far out to sea.

  The world lay barren before her. And she was left to fill it herself. She had learned everything her father had told her, and it was all in her hands now. And she felt incredibly lucky, and incredibly hopeless, all at the same time.