tricks are for kids

by Rachel Lynch in

Black magic and nylons on the kitchen floor, you want what you can't have. Like all historical women, you look for a reason to grind. Released from the stable to run wild and free with a mustang, partners in crime are better than partners in bed; but it's best when they're one in the same.

I've met a few new people recently, with likable swagger and arresting presence. They're on the fast track to something.. like adventure racing. The only questions is, how long are they going to stick around... I mean, how long am I going to stick around.

Play in the thunderstorms and roll around in bed. So much spilled milk. Living like this turns up the noise of everything, ideas are brighter, music is more powerful , and a man who bites the head off a bat and howls for his mama just makes you want to cry like a baby.

photos by: rabbit