"we're so trendy, we can't even escape ourselves"

by Rachel Lynch in

l11316l5l4110l3l21712I couldn't chew my meat, I said "Grandma, take me home." I can't stay in this heart shaped box, I've tasted New York and I want nothing else. I want to smoke cigarettes in St. Marks and sleep down on Bowery. I want to listen to music until it changes my insides. I want to dress up as a boy dressed as a girl. I want to paint my face and make love to a painter. I'm not the same girl you found at the foster home, I've walked these streets and taken the subway. I've been signed and dropped by agencies. I'm in acting school now. I'm an entertainer, and I simply can't go about being so from the depths of your comfortable living room.

meat tee by Daily Look

red leather shorts by Nasty Gal

photos by Lydia Hudgens