forgotten trailer park

by Rachel Lynch in

Recently I was hanging with my friend John, who teachers sixth graders. He was preparing the lesson for that day and had his supplies with him: a large glass bowl, a can of beef, fatty tissue, sauerkraut, a jar of olives, some anchovies, and a hundred-dollar bill. I know- I was curious too. So I did exactly what you would have done. I asked him what the lesson was about. He replied, "I put all the ingredients in a bowl, including the money, and I mix it together. Then when it doesn't taste good, I pretend I am going to throw it away. At this point the kids go crazy, telling me not to. I ask them why I shouldn't, and they say,'because it's valuable'. And then I counter with,'but it smells and it's disgusting'. At which point they rush to the front, volunteering to reach into the bowl and pull out the hundred-dollar bill.  I then read to them from Genesis chapter one about how ever single human being bears the image of God and how no matter what else is mixed in there, a person still has limitless worth in God's eyes".

I have met the talented, the accomplished, the dreamers, the writers, the drunks, the stoners, the painters and the fucked up. People tend to disregard and put aside someone when they feel they're not worthy anymore. When they feel like someone isn't as good as them or worthy of their oh so wonderful presence. Cast away like some forgotten ship; Pirates stealing the loot and leaving the whole empty. It is my dream that every person I meet, I have the ability to fill up. To give and to not ask for anything in return. If only I could tell everyone, everyday of how much value they are. Each person is worth so much more than they know.  I see every person as a gift, no matter what is mixed in.