to be lost in the forest,

by Rachel Lynch in

We can't explain the universe by chance. Things are of an interwoven system, one that is high above man and his daily frustrations. Just because it dances above us does not mean we should lead a life free of contemplation. Much to the contrary, we are here to question and to research. Getting answers is always more fun than having them. Sometimes we don't have a reason for our knowledge. We can know some things without being able to lead others to the same conclusion. Some things are just alive inside us; And we follow them faithfully. I move because I have to, because I can hardly expression myself through words in the way that I can express myself through rhythm. The ability to move was a gift given to me, not something I have a right to. I believe in a design, therefore, I believe in a designer. If you found a stone hut on an island with windows, doors, and a fireplace, you would not think a storm had come and compiled it that way by chance. You would assume someone of  intelligence had been to create it.

Studying is the key to expanding our spiritual potential and ingraining truth into our minds and bodies. This is what our soul strives for, this is skin deep. Nothing on the surface can get us through life, real life, the life we were intended to lead. Through a persistent study of spirituality we are reminded of the things which, by nature and culture, we are prone to forget and dismiss. John Stuart Mill's said that culture does not provide us with the means to enjoy the higher pleasures, such as knowledge and deep relationships. Culture has dumbed us down.  And so we go on, Lost in the forest.