there is no light

by Rachel Lynch in

Gold seeming echos and a cross wire, long limbs in a blazing fire. Find yourself and burn the rest. There are so many parts of me that seem unnecessary, not needed and too far- fetched. It's days like this that I crave the bare minimum but I find myself reaching for more. We consume and consume and consume but never feel satisfied. I'm happy being an explorer of this land with nothing but a traveling white bed and a few golden leotards .

We do the bare minimum just to get by, but I want to do more. Tonight I hope to find myself alone in the sea writing down plans and such. Tomorrow I'll find myself alone on a plane again, looking for a new place to call home. I can't wait to see some new places and people. So many around me have dried up into their desires and I'm fearful of finding myself doing the same. The only thing that really inspires me is people on fire. On fire for art, for life and for others.

Pick the world up, I know there's light under here somewhere.