the world is my stickerland

by Rachel Lynch in

Here's a more accurate take on my life from the past week. Aside from dealing with the sadness of leaving Los Angeles and getting ready for New York next week, I am currently writing to you from the Notre Dame library. YES, a real library! (I just recently discovered my own school has one too...) I'm spending this weekend with my best friend from childhood who is currently a student here.

After arriving yesterday in platforms and fur and setting my leopard betsy johnson bags down in her dorm, I began to realize that my college experience has been very different. Actually, Notre Dame has me considering if I really have been going to college at all. I mean people here actually go to the library, play frisbee in the courtyard and eat in a dining hall. The campus is really beautiful, and apparently, (although I refuse to test this theory out), if you leave your laptop and things somewhere, no one is going to steal them. (I still find this hard to believe...)

This place has got me thinking, have I missed out on a true college experience? What is a proper college experience anyway? And would I have killed myself in the process? (Most likely...) I can't help but fantasies myself at some university, going from class to class, living the university life. Yet, once I bring this dream full circle and back to reality, I know it never would have been possible. I pretty much spent my freshman year of college in Pasadena, my sophomore year between Los Angeles and New York, and this year I attended my college in Chicago online while working for VICE.  Apparently at real universities, you have to attend class. Yet, as much as I fantasize about a real college life,  I'm thankful for what I have -- a college that allows me to do other things. Because let's face it -- we're not all cut from Harvard-shapped cookie cutters... (but it's nice to pretend.)

So happy to be here this weekend with my Hannah! Hope you all have a great weekend, (cover everything with my little pony stickers!) xx