the week in review

by Rachel Lynch in

Maybe a little too much instagramming this week, but i'm sure it will be a verb in webster's very soon. My first official week of summer and it feels so good! Although these days of absolute freedom will be short-lived, i'm enjoying them still. I feel like this week was filled with a lot of magic -- cotton candy, butterflies, a full moon, ponies, tattoos and make-up. I feel like a little girl sitting at her mother's vanity, she can barely see herself in the mirror and doesn't know how to apply the lipstick right... but she's still trying.

Sometimes my mind races into the future when I have ample and abundant free time. I start make grandiose plans for my life that usually have no grounding in what I actually want. That's the hard thing with fashion/blogging/etc... The world/internet can get you thinking you want one thing, when you really want nothing of the sort. I know I love documenting/writing/blogging/photographing everything... but after a week of fashion events/shoots, I get antsy for something else.

The only cure? A grand pile of books. Books that have nothing to do with fashion/the internet or a blog. It's there that I learn the most, get my best ideas and come out feeling fresh.