the sweetness,

by Rachel Lynch in

Never thought life could be this sweet, sunshine or rain, i'll be there.  I was six years old with a dream, when my father told me I could do anything. He said he'd be there for me no matter whatever. He'd always have my back, even when we weren't together.

And I took him for granted, thought I had a plan, but with such a childish mindset, I thought I could do it all on my own. In the quest to become a women, you start to learn you need your family. It if it wasn't for them, I'd be way closer to insanity. It's not about the vanity, think about what's important.

He's the reason I am, why I can do what I do. I just hope he knows I love him, the world's best father. Sometimes It ain't fair, but I'm gonna take care of him and his grey hair. When I grow up, I'll have him living like he should be, no more stress, no more worries.

Dear Daddy, please don't start to cry, you're the reason I'm alive. You were there when I was on my first bike, ridding down the street. And when I flipped over the handlebars, you helped me land on my feet. You were at my games when I was sitting on the bench, when I skipped school you'd always call in and say I'm home sick. You had my back before I had my own. And I know I'm always welcome when I come home.

I just want to bring you out on stage to give you a standing ovation, all the work you did to make my life just like a vacation. If you have a Dad, you better treat him right. Call him up, say whatsup, before you fall asleep tonight. Tell him you love him and thank him for what he did, you may be grown now but just remember being a kid. You usted to be his baby, so shit, call him up and find out what he's doing lately.