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The Prom from hell. Your girl is wild. She ripped her prom dress so it was 7 inches above her knees and threw a leather jacket over it. Spike choker, red lips, black thigh-highs and alien platforms. She wasn't trying to fit in. The blonde alien that stands out. Your parents don't approve. She shows up at your house, late, in a baby blue camaro, smelling like trees. Untamed youth. Wild'n cause I'm young and I'm on my level. Pull up in some shit you've never seen.  Need a little glitter to raise hell. Fucked around and fell in love with her.

the blonde dream prom dress by MacTak Mart 

prayer choker by UNIF

black human aliens by Jeffrey Campbell X HUMAN ALIENS

circle alien shades by ZeroUV

photos by Sh0oka