The Pink Funk

by Rachel Lynch in ,

pink1pink3 pink4 pink5 pink6Here's another cool look that Los Angeles photographer, Melly Lee and I shot at my apartment. I live in a pretty funky looking building, equipped with a wood working shop and all. Every month, the building features new art from artists that actually live in the building. This month there's a sculpture of two men doing handstands holding "thank you" trash bags and screwing in a light bulb! (You never know what you're in for!) Regardless, I've been really happy since I moved into such an artistic place. It's filled with good vibes, reminding me to go out and make my art everyday.

pink top by Material Girl

black shorts from Miss KL 

leopard tights by Haute Legs 

sunglasses by Wildfox Couture

jacket by H&M

necklace by Ann Taylor