The Pattern of the World

by Rachel Lynch in

Lately, I've been thinking about what the great economist, Thokstien Veblen described as "habits of thought," -- or the persistence of beliefs that are no longer useful after the institutions that foster those beliefs die.

Think about it, we're growing up in an entirely different American culture than our parents did, with entirely different expectations. We're over-saturaded and over-stuffed with imagery like never before. We're constantly being fed by our "news feeds" and rarely read anything of substance. College degrees are expensive as shit and basically just mean you're another cog in the machine. So much money for a piece of paper for the office wall that you're probably not going to have, because we're got enough lawyers, doctors and journalists. Oh well, at least you made your parents proud.. right?

Maybe it really does mean something to be self-employed and independent these days. I constantly recall that scene from the facebook movie, where the president said, "Harvard grads don't find jobs, they create them." Maybe that's what will become the "norm" in the next 5 to 10 years. We're all creating ourselves and cultivating internet personalities... more concerned about a "web presence" that  starting a family.

Things are changing, and I'm not one to ever judge if it's good or bad. And "Rachel Lynch" is changing... whoever you think "Rachel Lynch" is ; )