the last holiday

by Rachel Lynch in ,

21A copy 20A copy 25A copy 22A copy 23A 19A copy 24A copy 16A copy 17A copy 14A copy 15A copy 5A copy 11A copy 7A copy 6A 9A copythe last holiday. september keeps us hanging on, keeps us hoping. perhaps winter won't come around this year, but we're always wrong. summer makes you believe in the things you wanna believe. if it feels right, you do it. you drop cherries in your champange, and watch the sunset barefoot. hamptons living, boys and girls are so temporary here. though, it never feels that way at the time. it's the kind of place where you feel satisfied doing nothing for the entire day. nothing pushing you, nothing to drag you out of your white silk hotel sheets. with a bed that seems to go to the depths of the earth, you sink into the deepest summer sleep. you dance in the villa, you forget that people wake up before noon. a kind of beauty so intense, it would hurt to have it forever.


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